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view from my room

really really miss them
miss everyone in hostel
hostel was been a part of my life
everyday face 
the same persons
the same friends
the same classmates
the same teachers
 and the most important are the same 

you know what?
i'm really really miss
my roomates
they such very good friends
n they are so caring
n sometimes it make me 
feel be loved
the most times i miss
when i said that
i want to diet
n i didn't eat
and they would turn to 'angry bird'
membebel mcm makcik
talk bout balance diet
bla bla bla bla...
even mak aku pun tak membebel mcm 2
but i'm so grateful bcause 
ALLAH sent 'em for me

then about my
we would go through 
our PnP together everyday
they had helped me a lot
in studies
they are so 
hard-working, "cikang"
for me
our class 407
got the top rank of class
in semester 1
and i don't know
how feel if
the classes have to 
readjusment next semester
i'm really miss my friend-beside-me
n i'm really miss 
title that they give to me
one of my friend called me beruang
bcause she said that my face like a bear
that was same stories bout SYAWAL
even aku rase muka die sama sekali
tak sama dengan aku

407 forever

view from 407..cantik kan?

p's: actually my english is worst


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