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The Liebster Award


Fuhhh..firstly thanks to Puteri and Anis for tagging me in this award.
Honestly I never heard this kind of award 
never thought that I would participated for worldwide award
FYI i am not so excellent in English 
but I will try for this awesome award..
Heeee =)

So lets check out these rules first:

1. Mention the person who nominated you with a link to their blog.
2. Answer the 11 questions asked.
3. Nominate 11 other bloggers with a smaller following but with lots of potential.
4. Create 11 of your own questions for them to answer.
5. Notify your nominate.

Ok ! So lets answer the 11 questions that Puteri asked me:

1. Why do you blogging?
I'm blogging to share my feeling, my experiences and  some tips/or info that I find that interesting to share with others reader. Sometimes I joined some GA create by other blogger. Who know maybe I'm lucky that time. FYI, I never won any GA. Hahaha

2.  If you have the opportunity to travel the world, which place will you choose? Why?
Mecca because that is a holy place and most beautiful pace on the earth.

3. Are you closer to your mother or to your father? Why?
No idea. I closeness (haha hentam) for my parent are same.

4. Describe your bestfriend.
I have 3 bestfriends that I know from MRSM Pengkalan Hulu, They are Wana, Pikah and Mira. Wana is so cute, hot stuff and gentle but sometimes she act like crazy. Hahaha. For me Pikah is so annoying, she always flattering herself, loud and rough (sorry pikah hahaha). But she is a kind hearted that likes to help her friends. Lets move the topic to Mira. Mira is a small girl. Her friends always call her 'Pendek'. Hehehe. What I like about Mira is she has many knowledge in Islam. Well..Badar right? Haha. She may look weak because of her size but actually she is a strong girl. She had participated in Archery Tournament represent her state, Kelantan.

5. What is your ideal type of man?
Pious, love animals, romantic, handsome, friendly, rich. Haha. 

6.Do you have anything that you regret in your life? Tell us about it.
Yes. I'm regret because always had fight with my late sister. She is my third older sister. She died because she involved in an accident 6 years ago. And I not have chance to say sorry to her. 

7. Do you ever feel proud of yourself?
Yes,I do. I will proud everytime I make people around me happy, smile and laugh.

8. What is the greatest achievement that you had achieved? 
I got first place for Public Speaking in Minggu Bahasa at my school. That was unexpectedly. I think I would not win because there are many participants that better than me. Futhermore, that was my first time I participated in competition that need me to speak fluently in English.I think this is not the greatest achievement but I'm proud of it. Alhamdulliah.

9. Describe the person you hate the most right now. And why do you hate him/her?
He is annoying person I ever meet. I hate him because he got crushed on me meanwhile he is my counsin.

10. Do you ever feel so touched before? Why?
Yes, I do. When my father try to find assam laksa for me in this Perak state. Haha. And I got assam laksa this morning. Its so yummy!

11. List 5 things do you love and hate.
Love: My phone, my novel collections, my comic collection, the letter my ex gave me, my diaries
Hate: step on chewing gum, step on animal poop, buy something that not needed, argue about politic, when my fav. football team lose.

Question from Anis. (Btw Anis, you spell my father's name wrong. It is Nasharuddin not Sharuddin. So K. I think you misunderstanding from my url blog right? haha). Anis give question in Malay so i will answer in malay to. Haha.

1. Bila korang start blogging? Dan waktu tu berapa umur korang?
Start blogging masa form 4. Waktu tu bengong2 sikit tak tahu macam mana nak blogging and tak ada reader pon. Haha. Tapi lepas SPM baru serius berblog. sebab bosan kan 'tanam anggur'? haha

2.Andaikan doraemon bersama hidup bersama korang. Apakah satu permintaan yang nak sangatadi realiti?
Jangan bagi ex aku ada girlfriend lain selain aku. Hahahaha.

3. Pernah tak buat perkara yang pelik?
Cium mulut kucing. Tapi lepas tu kucing tu gigit my hidung. Hahaha..sadis.

4. Favourite meal? and why?
Sotong masak merah by my mum. And I donno why.

5. Apa yang korang tengah fikir sekarang?
Kenapa aku kena jawab soalan banyak-banyak macam ni..hahaha

6.Nickname yang paling benci untuk didengari.
Amy Mastura. Kbye.

7. Baju yang korang pakai masa tengah jawab soalan ni.
Baju kelawar belang-belang warna pink n hitam. Dah malam nak tido k. Lol.

8. Bila last time korang beli barang guna duit sendiri? And apakah barang tu?
No idea. Sebab dah lama tak ada duit sendiri. Semua guna duit my dad je. Haha

9. Antara musim luruh, sejuk, panas, bunga mana yang paling korang suke?
Musim bunga.

10. Filem Hindustan yang tengok seratus kali pon x bosan?
Kuch Kuch Ho Taie

11. Apa pendapat korang tentang blog saya?
Sangat adorable. Sejuk mata memandang sebab biru2 gitu. And yang penting ada CNBlue. Hihihi ;)

11 'lucky' blogger that I will nominate are:

1. hazy: http://iamhazystayawesome.blogspot.com/
2.eiyra: http://eiyraniera.blogspot.com/
3.niena: http://www.girlzowey.blogspot.com/
4. yana abell: http://abellmohd.blogspot.com/ 
5. siara elina: http://kakaktiricinderella-stories.blogspot.com/
6. emira zaharin: http://ez-emira.blogspot.com/
7. farhana: http://farhannasaadon.blogspot.com/
8. anis: http://nisflox.blogspot.com/
9. amalina: http://nuramalinastoryforever.blogspot.com/
10. zahra: http://www.sigadiszahra.blogspot.com/
11. batrisya: http://batrisyiaartarashe.blogspot.com/

My 11 questions are:

1. Why you blogging?
2. What phone you ever want to be yours?
3. Describe your blog in 5 words.
4. Do you like pet? why?
5. Whatsapps is application that everyone should have nowdays. Do you agree? Why?
6. What P.Ramlee's film that you most admire until now?
7. Which one would you choose to buy online. Blog or Instagaram? Why?
8. What car you want to drive now?
9. What name you want to give to your first child?
10. Who are rensponsible for crum (sampah masyarakat) in this country?
11. Describe my blog.

Huuuuyehhh!!! Finally I can finish this long post. For those that nominated please dont angry to me. I will not force you to answer these question. Accept this just for fun.